Azalea Aviation, based at Cook County Airport (15J),  ADEL, Georgia, is home to the Saberwing Lines of kit aircraft, Spyder Corvair Aircraft Engines, and Firewall Forward components for many aircraft.   Our Saberwing line of aircraft include Experimental Amateur Built, Light Sport, and soon Motorglider.   Our aircraft kit are new to the aviation market, but are exciting and easy to build.  Our Spyder Corvair Aircraft Conversion Engines have been flying in a variety of homebuilt aircraft for many years. 

' Ingenuity in Experimental Aviation'

Azalea Aviation strives to provide excellence in our aviation products and service.    We are on the front line of innovation in an exciting field of achieving simplicity of design in an increasingly complicated world.    We pride ourselves in flying the engines, aircraft, and components we produce for our customers.   This gives us real world information and feedback about our product reliability and use.  Our goal is to have you flying quickly, safely, and affordably.    To understand our methods in designing products read "The Basics" at the bottom of the page.


Get yours on the way for $28,500.00 !  Click below to look at basic information about your Saberwing Kit.  13 Saberwings are now sold and kits are being delivered to customers.

Saberwing Info Packet

Fresh Update 8/20/2018

Employment us if you think your skill sets might be an asset to our company...come join the team!

Back home from OSHKOSH 2018! 

Oshkosh this year was wonderful.   Kyoung and Levi drove up from Adel and stopped in Chicago to deliver a wing kit to a customer while Larry and I flew our Saberwings up.   Weather did get in our way and cause some issues.  We ended up arriving on Sunday afternoon with about every other airplane in the USA!   It was busy.....

We parked in front of the Homebuilt Headquarters Building and spent the week talking to lots of people.   The night show was incredible.   If you have never been to Oshkosh don't hesitate....come next year.  We are planning for an exhibit and many Saberwings to attend. 

As part of the new Video focus I am starting "Scenes from N120SW" it the first one with more to come......ENJOY!






Upcoming Plans for Azalea Aviation

August will be "back to work" month.  We plan to have our Saberwing LSA ready to test fly and fine tune for the LSA Fly-In in Mt Vernon IL.   Our first customer assist builder will be starting his Saberwing build in mid September.  John's Cruzer should be in flight testing and transition training mode.  We plan to start flying to more shows and Fly-ins across the country as we grow the business more and more.    November will see our Spyder Engine Workshop again.  We will be building a Spyder 120HP slated to go into a customer Saberwing.  They will be on hand to build the engine with the class.  Details are forthcoming.

Something new and exciting for those who wish to connect with other Corvair builders and pilots. One of our builders is introducing a new website and chat group for all Corvair pilots to use.  It is an open and free service to any kind of corvair pilot, engine builder.  He is still building it but the email chat is working. Check it out...join up...I did!            



Thank you to all who came to our Spyder Engine Workshop this March.   It was exciting to see the engines being torn down, built up and running.  My favorite time is getting to meet new and wonderful people from all over the globe.  If you have never attended a Workshop in the past and wish to learn more about our conversions....check us out.   The next Workshop is scheduled for November 8-10, 2018.   Give us a call or email to reserve a spot.     Workshop 2018


TURBO 120 Updates

Saberwing Prototype with 120 Turbo and New three blade Sensenich propeller designed for our turbo installations.  Constant speed version coming soon for further testing and perhaps production..?

We have done a bunch of testing lately and here are some preliminary results.  I wrote it up in a little file you can click on to read.  There is more info and pictures on our Facebook page if you want to follow along more.   We will add a video soon as well.




 N203SW at Oshkosh looks great Larry!  Well Done!

     Larry purchased his Saberwing kit #003 from us a year and a half ago and has been very busy building on it.  The fact that he lives only 15 miles away from our airport allowed us to fine tune many of our products and information to help out existing and new builders.  Larry kept a very detailed builder's log that details out his journey very well.  Many of his photos are being used in manual updates.   His 750 hour commitment has proven itself.   This was his total build time to date.  We initially estimated the build time of the kit (minus the 5 "P"s  - prop, panel, paint, powerplant and 'polstery) at 500-1000 hours.  It seems we were very reasonable with the time calculations.  Of course some people may spend much more time but it can be done in a year.

The Prototype N120SW and Larry's N203SW have now flown to Oshkosh this year. Now that we are back we know there are many interested in talking to Larry about his experience in building and flying the Saberwing.  If you wish you can call us and get contact information to be able to talk to Larry one-on-one please let us know.

Check out Larry's Update Page !

CHECK OUT THE LSA Build PAGES !!!! (to be updated soon)

Saberwing LSA Nearing Completion





We will be focussing on one of our products as we update our products pages.   There will be descriptions, updates, and information that will help you understand our products better.    This week we will focus on DISTRIBUTORS!


Building a 120 IFB for a Cruzer! - UPDATE

   John's 750 Cruzer is coming along.  We are helping him with the Firewall Forward installation, paint preparations, avionics, and test flying.  The last few months we have been putting in a few hours here and there installing radios, wiring, components and testing systems.  The majority of the FWF is installed and near time for on airframe running.  We are becoming a "One Stop Shop" for people who need this kind of help.   If we can help you in this way please contact us for more information.



Turbocharging the Saberwing...

   We started working on a turbocharger package for our Spyder Engine Conversions a few months ago and have completed about 120 hours of flight testing to date.   We have seen a significant improvement in the climb and cruise performance of the Saberwing. Full details will be coming shortly.  Check out the videos on our facebook page for some fun turbo stuff...   Here is a sample video...

UPDATE:  11/5/2017 -   We have done more altitude tests with the turbo and found that at 15,000 feet we are still able to produce 36" MAP and 500'/min climb.  Cruise speeds of 150 indicated burning about 6 gal/hr normal.  We may conduct another test to 18,000 feet but feel sure of a service ceiling well above that.  Our next work will be to improve oil cooling and CHT monitoring for continuous high altitude flying.  So far the turbo package is a viable solution to higher altitude performance while maintaining reliability.  We plan to continue flying this package and learning more about its benefits.  This coming month we will do more with propeller testing and aircraft drag reduction.

TURBO SABERWING Video #2 :   Click Here.


The Manufacturing Facility at Cook County Airport

(click on Pic for Panoramic view)

If you are ever able to drive or fly into Cook County Airport GA (15J) you will be able to visit our manufacturing facility we are working on there.  A 10,000 square foot building with offices and restrooms, it is ideal for setting up our new composite manufacturing, machine shop, wood shop, avionics, upholstery and more.  Click on the picture above for a panoramic view.  We are still a couple months away from having it fully operational but it will provide ample room for builders' aircraft as well as room for one of our customer's Tubine Malibu we maintain.   In the picture you can see our LSA build, John's Zenith 750, the Saberwing, another Zenith 750 and more.   When completed the interior rooms will have two floors and will serve as a builder's assist center.   Still much to do!



15J Cook County Airport Notes :   Check out the Social Flight APP for information about our monthly BBQ's (most Second Saturdays) and classes.   We are normally open all week and most weekends for those who wish to stop in and visit.  Get a tour and possibly a ride in our Saberwing if interested in our kits.




Experimental Airplane Kit


If we seem to be behind on our "Build Project" it is because we have been busy working on our new manufacturing facility setup and tooling.  We hope to catch up soon!

The Saberwing Prototype is 3.5 years old and has completed 300+ Hours of flying !  We have given several rides to prospective kit buyers, many of whom are seriously considering a purchase.  They are amazed at the performance the Saberwing brings.  For more information about this new design Click HERE.

Click on picture for video...

The Saberwing at Oshkosh 2017


John's Zenith 750 with the new Cowling, Plenums and Spats going together just before Sun n Fun 2017.   Looks awesome in Purple and Polish!  We fly this plane all the time and give out rides and training.  Plan a demo - contact us.

 Click for larger view or to look at previous PICS.     We will add a new picture at random.   Send us yours if you are our customer and want it shown!


How?  Find new ways to use old ideas that are proven.   Learn from those who have gone before and bring to market products that are easy to use, cost effective and reliable.

Why?  If you don't have it, it won't break!"   Simplicity allows for less parts count, better reliability and lower cost for purchasing and maintenance.   This becomes apparent as you learn about our product line.

What?  Our Products are currently focused on our SPYDER series of engines that will be continually upgraded.  We service and provide parts for these engines.  For installation purposes we have developed Firewall Forward Kits and components for some common aircraft kits currently on the market.  We provide engine components and information for the "do it yourself" experimental Corvair engine builder. Aircraft kit components  (gear, wing skins, wing tanks, and more) will become available soon.



    Corvair Aircraft Engine
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The Spyder Corvair Conversion Engine Series are available now.




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Saberwing #1

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Saberwing FLY-BY 1

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Saberwing INTRO#1

Tailwind First Flights

Tailwind #1


Tailwind Engine Run

Workshop March 2016

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Larry's Q & A Time

Saberwings at Oshkosh

Dynamometer Engine Runs

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Case - IFB assembly ..teaser

Engine -3D Video

Spyder Engine Workshop


John's Zenith 750

Mike's Sonex

William's Sonex

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Oshkosh 2014 Pics!

Oshkosh 2015 Pics

SUN n FUN 2016 PICS!



Thank you EAA- Click on the link below to read the new article in "The Experimenter" magazine from the EAA.  Also check out some of the other photos from the shoot here..PHOTOS



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