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April 4th, 2015    EAA 976     Carrollton, GA

Friday the 3rd Kyoung and I loaded up the Saberwing and left out of Valdosta for West Georgia Regional KCTJ about 3:00 pm.   An hour and thirty minutes later we were landing in Carrollton.  Big Peit builder Barry Davis and a few friends met us and got our plane put away.   The following morning, after a brief jaunt in a Super Cub, I set up for our meet.  We had about about 40 people attending the talk.   We were able to talk at length about our Spyder Corvair Conversions and the Saberwing airplane.  We answered many questions from the attendees.  It was a very productive meeting and we were honored to meet with them.   Kyoung and I left about 3 pm and were home before 4:30 thanks to a brisk tailwind. 

APRIL 1st, 2015   EAA 977    Cannon Creek FL

After spending the preceeding weekend at the Shamrock Fly in , Kyoung and I were invited to speak at the Chapter meeting on the 1st.    We drove down that afternoon and set up in "Jack's" hangar.  We had the Tailwind parked outside for people to look at and several displays inside.  The Saberwing was at home getting a canopy hinge change.  There were about 50 people present for the meeting which went off well.  They are a wonderful group of people as most in aviation are.