During the past year we bagan to develop some of the tooling needing in order to provide a "Fast Build" option to some of the kit parts.   This system is still in early development but we plan to see it moving forward in the near future in a way to provide you as a builder some time-saving.  If you wish to be a part our "BETA" testers please let us know.  Some of this tooling will go into out future Builders Assist Program as well.

Here are a couple of the Fast Build options we are contimplating. 

Fuselage Fast Build Kit

Fuselage would have spars installed, main gear installed and on tires.  Turtledeck trimmed and fitted, bulkheads installed.  Firewall and motor mount installed.  Stainless on firewall trimmed.  Front deck trimmed and installed. 


Horizontal Fast Build

Horizontal assembled on a build table with spars, hardware and cnc'd ribs.   It will be ready to close and separate the elevator from the horizontal.


Saberwing Wing Kit

Wings are assembled on build tables that orient the WAFs (Wing attach fittings) and washout.  CNC'd ribs and Spars are installed into the bottom skin.  Top skin is Pre-fitted.  Wings are ready for final installation checks and tank build-ups prior to final closing.


More to come as we move forward.  Contact us if you wish to be a part of our BETA program in this area.