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We have just returned from a very good trip to Oshkosh.   The Saberwing performed flawlessly and was as efficient as predicted.  We left Valdosta Friday morning and arrived in Hardtford, WI early afternoon after a brief stop for fuel and food in Bowling Green, KY.  There we met up with the Tailwind group and spent a couple days talking, eating, and a little bit of flying.

Hartford, WI with some Tailwinds

On Sunday morning we loaded up the plane and flew in to Airventure.  The weather was spectacular and getting in was easy due to light early morning traffic.  We landed 36L and were ushered to a VIP (Very Important Plane) spot in front of the Brown Arch.  The Arch was the original entrance many years back and now new designs or aircraft of note are parked here.   After tying the airplane down we unloaded and got all our gear to the YMCA, our home for the next week.   We camp out in the indoor soccer field, have full use of facilities and are treated very well there.  Nothing like getting in the hottub after a long day on your feet!

Airventure's Famous "Brown Arch" - The original entrance to the flightline.

Kyoung posing with the Saberwing and all of the gear we brought with us.  The Saberwing can carry a large amount of luggage.

Kyoung and I spent the full week out on the flightline meeting with hundreds of people.   Most of our focus was on displaying and introducing the Saberwing to the public.  The cowling was removed so the Spyder Corvair Conversion Engine could be shown as well.   Many people had the chance to get in and sit in the Saberwing to see how roomy it was.  We had one guy that was 6'5" and 240 lbs that was impressed with the amount of room.  We were fortunate to meet up with so many of our long time friends.  A couple people I've known since I was little as an MK in the mission field were there as well as flight school classmates of mine.   It was an awesome week.


The airshows and time was exciting and tiring at the same time.  We had a good spot to enjoy the show from.  Kyoung and I particularily like the night show they had on Wednesday and Saturday nights.   It is quite romantic.

Sunday morning we took a few last photos before we headed south.  We made our way to Lansing, IL to give a test flight to a potential kit buyer.   He was thrilled with the ride and enjoyed the smooth performance that the Saberwing provides.  He was all smiles after the flight!

We stopped in Bowling Green for a well deserved meal and long nap before heading home on Monday morning.   The weather cooperated the whole way other than a small rainshower on the approach end of 35 in Valdosta when we landed.   Now for some sleep !

Kyoung and I hope to see many of you again and many new faces next year.   Don't forget that we plan to be at Sun n Fun and Oshkosh this coming year as well as a couple other fly-ins that will be announced in the NEWS section.