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OSHKOSH 2014 Adventure



Kyoung and I spent the last two weeks on a very busy and pleasant trip from Valdosta to Wisconsin and back.    Of course, Oshkosh Airventure 2014 was the focus of the trip but we made sure to spend some time at the Tailwind Fly-in at Baraboo, WI and some time with family in Missouri. 


 We left out of Valdosta before noon on Thursday, July 24th in our Tailwind and made it to Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  Friday morning we left out for Baraboo and got there just in time for the luncheon.  We met some wonderful people there and got to swap ideas, stories and fly a little bit.  Sunday, there were about seven Tailwinds that flew out together from Baraboo to Oshkosh. 

Baraboo, WI - Tailwinds and Buttercups start showing up ....

Hanger Flying with the Tailwind Group ....I think I see a KR guy hiding in the bunch :)

Once we arrived at Oshkosh we all tied down together in the Homebuilt area.   Several Tailwinds flew out on Wednesday but we stuck it out until Sunday.  There were many reasons for our trip but a major one was to introduce people to our Spyder Corvair Conversion installation and especially one in a Tailwind.  Our installation fits many aircraft, like Sonex, Zenith, KR and more, but a Tailwind was a first and many in the Wittman design builders were interested in how ours was done and the performance we were achieving.   We had hunderds of people stop by to look over our plane and engine and we answered thousands of questions.   Oshkosh was like always, lots of planes,  folks, and walking !!  It was a great time. 

Tailwind line-up at Oshkosh

Displaying our Spyder Covair Conversion on the Flight Line

People surrounded our installation and asked questions all week long...

 Saturday morning we spent a couple hours doing photo shoots, flying and static, for EAA and will hopefully have an article in Sport Aviation or The Experimenter in the future.  We will keep you posted.

Flying formation behind Cessna 210 on Photo Shoot - sorry for prop blur

We left Sunday morning and flew to Missouri for a couple days of R&R and time with our family there.  It was good to spend quality time with the folks and just vegitate a little bit.  Wednesday morning we left MO and flew home to Valdosta. 

It was a great trip and we met some wonderful and facinating people.  It was also a good chance to wring out the Tailwind and get to use it for practical reasons.  It performed flawlessly and was very comfortable for Kyoung and I.  She was able to practice some of her navigation skills and just get more comfortable in a small plane.  Now that we are home we will be visiting some local EAA chapters and other gatherings to show a little bit of what we do.  If you are interested in a visit, please let us know. 

Another nice photo from Baraboo - Ready for Oshkosh !  See you next year.

For the Tailwind community, a sincere "Thank you" for your hospitality and friendship.   Your are what forum and flying people should be like.   Keep it up!   We value the time we had with you and plan to see you next year. 

 Because of the interest we will be planning on developing the cowling and other firewall forward components for the Tailwind and Buttercup so call us if you are interested.  We will also make the nav lights available soon since there was a lot of interest in those as well.  More information will be available soon but feel free to call or email us.

See you next year at Sun n Fun and Oshkosh !