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 THE SABERWING               The Plane                  The Numbers                  The Kit

The Cost of the SABERWING KIT is currently $28,500.00.  Including the Spyder Engine conversion Installation Package and Basic instrumentation and radios you can expect to have about $40-45,000.00 invested into a completed aircraft.

THE FIRST FIVE  - Beta Testers

Our First Five aircraft kits have been sold - deliveries have already begun and most are in build progress.  One of our first kits sold is already past the 75% completion mark and plans to fly to Sun n Fun 2017.  We are hopeful to see several flying this year.  The input from these First Five is invaluable to our success and help in production. 

Current Kit Production:

We are currently working on improving our manufacturing capabilities and hiring some new people to help us with that.  Kits 6-12 are in process in one way or another.  Some parts have been delivered already.   Such things as out Horizontal and Composite Kits are ready to shipp out within days so new buyers can get started right away.  Our goal is to have at least 25 kits sold by end of year with half delivered and started.  Get in line....


Please contact us via email or phone if you wish to discuss the Saberwing in more detail.