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 THE SABERWING               The Plane                  The Numbers                  The Kit

The Cost of the SABERWING KIT is expected to be around $25,000.00.  Including the Spyder Engine conversion Installation Package and Basic instrumentation and radios you can expect to have about $40-45,000.00 invested into a completed aircraft.

THE FIRST FIVE  - Beta Testers

At this time we are actively pursuing the First Five Kit Builders.   These positions are left for builders that have some experience and would be helpful to us as a company with some of the beta testing of the kit process.  We plan to have the First Five kits delivered this year with at least two of them flying before the end of the year.  We are looking for builders that meet specific criteria for the First Five.  If you feel that you have some of the following attributes please contact us directly.   If we feel that you could be a First Five builder then we would bump you to the front of the line (so to speak) and get you set up with a kit.  Once the First Five kits are delivered and being built we will open the kits to the public market.  If you are not chosen as a First Five builder we will put you on a waiting list.  Any deposits made on kits will be escrowed until your kit begins production. 

FIRST FIVE Criteria:

Highly Motivated:  Have a desire to finish the kit and be flying

Have Time:  Have adequate time to actively build and fly

Have Talent:  Are experienced kit builder or have the talents necessary to build

Have the Money:  Are Financially Stable enough to purchase, and build the kit

Have the Attitude:  We are looking for people with a good work ethic and attitude that would help give us critical and positive feedback concerning our kit process.  We are looking for  improving our designs and capabilities and need helpful people in that process.


FIRST FIVE Positions Taken To Date:     5    -    1 is still available

First kit sections are going into production and being delivered shortly.   We fully expect to begin delivering the first sections of the First Five kit out as soon as practical ....And have the first couple completed kits out by Jan 1st,  2016.

Please contact us via email or phone if you wish to discuss the Saberwing in more detail.