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Experimental Amateur Build Kit


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An Overview of the SABERWING

The SABERWING is a new aircraft designed and purpose built as an answer to many problems that we have seen in the kit built, two place, aircraft market.  There are several focal points that we considered into the design of this kit.  We will address some of these points before we get into the technical and flight characteristics of the airplane itself.

The Pilot:  As a pilot,  I had to look at what I would want to feel as I sat in the airplane that I would be flying.   First, it had to fit.  So I began with a 43" wide fuselage at the shoulders.  This is wider that a Cessna 152/172.  Next we designed in plenty of leg room for the taller people and added extra headroom as well.  Because many "typical" pilots no longer meet the 150 lb. pilot rule we made sure to allow for the larger pilot.  The design is also flexible in that it can be set up for various pilots and builders.   If you sell a plane to a taller person, the rudder pedals can be adjusted for their longer legs.  

The Builder:  For the average builder this kit is almost a fast build.  It requires very little tooling and just basic knowledge that can be developed in small steps.  One of my main mottos for building is MVP -- "Maximum Visual Progress".   Our kit allows the builder to be sitting in the fuselage and making airplane noises within just a few hours of work after opening the kit.  For the majority of the time you work around the fuselage installing components "into" it.  No having to hang upside down or laying on your back trying to work on it.  Because progress is visible it keeps the builder motivated to finish it and get flying!

The Mechanic:  This design also takes into consideration maintenance after the completion.  All serviceable areas are very easily accessible once completed and allow for easier inspection and repair.  The foreword deck is completely removable for work on header tank/fuel pumps/ electrical/ instrumentation and rudder pedals.  Again - no upside down under the panel!   The kit also uses the least number of parts necessary and we make most wear items common and inexpensive to replace or repair.

The Wife:  If you are a guy and married, the airplane has to meet her criteria as well.  Meet a budget, look good, have plenty of room for luggage, be comfortable, quiet, and so on.  It also should not take 10 years of your life to build (time away from your family)  so we kept our kit in the 500-1000 hour build time (depending on skill level )  It also has to maintain its value because we are all concerned about where our money goes.

The Budget:  Our plane can meet several goals that people have.   If you are looking for a budget plane then a finished SABERWING can be accomplished for less than $40,000.00   (engine and instrumentation included)  Most will see a final cost of @50,000.00 with nice extras.   We plan to provide the kit in sections as well to spread out the costs where that may be desired.

Flexibility:  The Saberwing is designed for a variety of purposes and desires.  There are ways in which the airplane can be customized by the builder for his own needs.  We are developing more products and adding capabilities to this kit as we speak.  Still in development are the higher horsepower versions for a very fast cross country aircraft.

Check out the links above for more information about the airplane and the kit.  If you have any further questions please email us at or call us at 229-834-8996