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3390 Old Statenville Rd.

Valdosta, GA 31606


Experimental Amateur Build Kit


The SABERWING is an easy to build airplane kit ...  so to prove our concept and show you, the public, some of the stages and process, we decided to show how we build one.  We will post "daily" updates of our build.  These wont be posted fresh every day, but will be posted according to days to build.  For example: We will start with DAY1 : what got done in the first day and the DAY2: what we accomplished on the second day of the build.  There may be days in between where we are working on other projects or other tasks.  The entire plane should only take about 60-75 days if we plan it right. 

As an update we did start on this project at the end of 2015 but have been very busy with much around the shop.  Moving into our new facilities and running the airport have hindered the progress on this project but we are back at it now.   Check on the progress as we continue.....

If you have any questions about this build or our potential further builds such as our Motorglider or XF versions please dont hesitate to email or call.  

DAY 1 - We start the boat!  (Main Spar)  (Started Dec 1, 2015)

DAY 2 - Rear Spar

DAY 3 - Cabin work  (Dec 3)

DAY 4 - Seat Supports, Aft deck, and more... (Dec 5)

DAY 5 - Main Gear and Tires  (Dec 6th)

DAY 6 - Firewall, Tank, Controls, more  (Jan 1, 2016)

Day 7 - Floor Supports and Front Deck Flanges

DAY 8 - Nose Gear and Cabin work

Day 9 - Horizontal Starting

Day 10 - Horizontal (2) and cabin

Day 11 - Horizontal (3) and Cabin

Day 12  - Horizontal (4) and Cabin

Day 13 - Horizontal (5) Finish work

DAY 14 - Horizontal Installation to Boat


 If you have any further questions about our kits please contact us.  Email us at or call us at 229-834-8996