It is said  "SIMPLY (period)  Better (period)"

How?  Find new ways to use old ideas that are proven.   Learn from those who have gone before and bring to market products that are easy to use, cost effective and reliable.

Why?  If you don't have it, it won't break!"   Simplicity allows for less parts count, better reliability and lower cost for purchasing and maintenance.   This becomes apparent as you learn about our product line.

What?  Our Products are currently focused on our SPYDER series of engines that will be continually upgraded.  We service and provide parts for these engines.  For installation purposes we have developed Firewall Forward Kits and components for some common aircraft kits currently on the market.  We provide engine components and information for the "do it yourself" experimental Corvair engine builder. Aircraft kit components  (gear, wing skins, wing tanks, and more) will become available soon.

Designer's Philosophy :     I don't claim to be an engineer in any modern sense of the word.  And maybe I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night....but because of the freedoms we have in this country and the dreams I have about designing airplanes .... I CAN!    One of my goal in my designs is to bring in Simplicity.  So let us simplify Engineering first.   Can you describe Engineering in its simplist terminology ?  ... HMMMMMMMM....

     I describe it as thus...."AN EDUCATED GUESS".    Any biological, mechanical, stress, physical, chemical, (and more) engineer will educated themselves for years for a degree or diloma in a field of research.   Once with a degree they will work in that field striving for new inventions, discoveries and such.  All these are based on guesses ...because if it is already known then why do you need an engineer?     So, as I moved forward in designing the aiplanes I have in my head I started by educating myself in the arena I needed answers for.   When designing the IFB bearing, I studied engine design, needs for support bearings, stress loads, other successfull engines and such to know what I needed to know.  I didn't study architechure to find the answers I needed.   When designing aircraft I knew the direction I needed to go and then studied those issues. 

       When beginning to use vacuum infusion to make our composite products we studied various ways to use vacuum infusion and then made a series of tests to learn the failures and successes before we built products.  Once we started making products we had very few failures due to the previous studies and testings. 

     In all these designs and testings we also worked hard to keep things simple.  One pitfall of engineers is that they tend to over complicate anything they design.  When three parts can make due - they use 20.  Look at British cars.  Simplicity reduces costs, time in manufacturing, inventory, customer stress and more.

       Once all the studying, designing, prototyping and manufacturing is done...then it is time for testing.   I prefer real world tests when working on our products.  An engine may be tested on the test stand for a few hours but nothing beats putting it on a plane and putting it through the limits of power use, endurance and a varity of conditions to prove a design.   We also have to know what our goals as far as reliability vs power vs costs vs ease of maintenance are concerned. 

    So, our goals are studied and tested and re-studied and tested until we achieve the goals we make our products ....SIMPLY.   BETTER.

                            Bill Clapp