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March 8-10th, 2018    RSVP for Workshop Attendance !

<A LOOK at November 2015 Workshop>

     Azalea Aviation invites you to another Spyder Engine Workshop this coming March 8-10, 2018.  This will be a great opportunity for you to visit our shop and employees and get a feel for who we are and what we can do for you.  We have room for about 25 people here at shop so if you are interested please send us an RSVP to to let us know you plan to come. 

What to Expect:   Please come prepared with questions and a desire to learn.  We will be doing a lot of things during the three days (look at the schedule) but you will only get out of it what you are prepared to absorb.    This time is open to all so if you wish to observe or only stop in for a quick visit you are welcome.   Our pre-registered workshop is open to all who are interested in learning about our Spyder conversions even if you own, have purchased, or fly other conversions.  We are here to support learning and safe flying.


Thursday:  Early arrivals - Teardowns...

Friday:  Open at 8:00am - Lunch at 12-1pm - Supper 6pm

Saturday: Open 8:00am - Lunch at 12-1pm   /   FLY-IN

Sunday: Shop Closed

Thursday:      The shop opens up at 8:00am on Thursday for those who want to get here early and grab a donut and coffee.  We are planning a semi-informal first day so that people can get to know each other a bit.  You are welcome to bring your core parts, engines, drawings, pictures, and whatever you think would be appropriate for us to look through about your own project.   We will have an engine tear down time and run-up and inspection question time.  You will get a personal tour of the shop and meet some of the people who work here.  We plan on having a BBQ or pizza for an evening meal.  We will shut down around 9 pm so folks can get some rest.

Friday:      Early arrivals can show up 8:00am for coffee and donuts.  Our first class session will begin about 9:00.    Our goal for this day is to go through an introduction to the Spyder Corvair Conversion as a group and begin an assembly of one of our shop engines using our tooling and methods.  Time will be available for Q&A during the build to focus on specifics of our design.   We will break at lunch time for provided meal (donations acceptable).

        After lunch, we will continue with the workshop.  If able we will try to have the majority of an engine together by the end of the day.   At 6pm we will stop our work to have supper at a local eatery (pay your way) as a group.   There we can have more time to socialize and discuss your projects and ideas.  Then - go get some rest.

Saturday:   We will return in the morning - 8:00am - for donuts and coffee. The build session will continue until about noon to finalize the build.  If able we will run the engine on our dynamometer or run a previously built engine.   At that time we will discuss operation and installation issues.     Because Saturday is also a Fly-In day we will be able to have other pilots and airplanes to meet after lunch.  We will break for lunch @12:30.  The afternoon session will be an open discussion and a variety of topics including engine maintenance and flight safety.   Have your questions ready by then and we will do our best to answer them.  We will shut down the Workshop at about 5-6pm.  Our staff will eat supper in town and you are welcome to join us for a relaxing evening meal. 

What to Bring:   Bring a great attitude and a willingness to learn.   We all have shortcomings and talents and we can all learn sonething from each other.   We appreciate honest and straighforward debate and questions.   Treat each other with the respect and honor that you hope to be treated with and we can have a great time.  The time will seem to fly so we will try to pack as much in as we can without confussion.  We know that some people can only be here for one day and that is just fine.   If you are bringing parts and cores be aware that we don't plan on doing any major teardowns and messy work here.  We will go through some of the parts and pieces and point out any pertinent information that someone may require.   If you have any parts you wish to pick up please contact us early so we can prepare them for you and have them ready.

If you have any questions please email or call us.                       229-834-8996

Thank you.

Payments: $50.00   Mail check to:    Azalea Aviation  170 Airport Rd.  Adel, GA 31620      If you are a returning "student" you may bring your workbook with you and there is only a 25$ fee.

Paypal:              or    Credit Card - Call 229-834-8996