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Wittman Tailwind With A Spyder 100HP Conversion Engine

Beginning in April of 2014 we began the Phase 1 flight testing of our Wittman Tailwind W8/10.   We will be posting information and pictures of this process and some of the things we are learning with this conversion.   As we progress we will also update you about where you can come to see this airplane.  Our plans are to be at Oshkosh 2014 on the flight line with it in the Homebuilt Corner.

The pages below will take you to sections of the Tailwind buildup and testing.

1. As Purchased

2. Engine Mount Adaptation and Cowling

3. Covering

4. Wings

5. Paint

6. Engine Installation

7. Panel and interior

8. Taxi and engine tests

9. First Flight - DAR signoff

10. Flight Data and more