SPYDER ENGINE Workshops for 2017

As of now our schedule for the year is:   

March 9-11:   Come watch Fernando's Engine being built!

May 25-27:   Standard Workshop

November  9-11:  Standard Workshop

   Midwest FLY-IN

Due to weather we were unable to attend this year.  We missed a great opportunity to meet with some of you.  We plan to be there next year! - pray for better weather!    AA

     Zenith Open House and Fly-In

           September 19, 2015 Mexico Missouri

       Due to circumstances beyond our control we were not able to attend this year.  We hope that all had a great time and you learned a lot.   To make use of the time we had a small Open House here at our shop for our local EAA chapter folks and several drop-in customers and had a great time.   We will have another one associated with the Engine Workshop this November. 

     We expect to be able to see all our Zenith/Spyder aircraft customers at next years' Open House in Mexico, MO.   We encourage all our flying Spyder Zeniths to take advantage of their great fly-in.

More information can be found at


A NEW CUSTOMER !!!      Maule Air Inc.

We welcome Maule Air Inc.  as one of our first major customers for certified composite parts for their M4-M7 Series of aircraft.  At Azalea Aviation we are repairing damaged molds, creating new molds, and working with Maule and the FAA to bring their composite parts into the modern era.   As time has passed since Maule has been in existence (40+ years) the way composites are made and the materials are used has changed.   We would like to say thank you to Brent Maule and his crew for their hard work and for choosing us in this venture.   We hope for years of good cooperation and hard work together to make their airplanes a continuing success.



April 28, 2014

Tailwind is signed off and ready for flight!

Kyoung and I spent part of last year finishing up our Wittman Tailwind W8/10 in preparation for using as a test bed for some new products.   After some delays with life, we finally had the DAR sign off our airworthiness.  N196BC is now an official airplane.  Have performed high speed tests and a couple 10' high runway passes to check control stability and CG.  After a couple final checks we will begin our testing phase.   There will be a page set up for this plane soon.

Check out the TAILWIND pages...!


Feb  5, 2014,

We have had several calls to increase Firewall Forward components for Zenith 701 aircraft.   We currently are fine tuning our motor mount fixtures and are planning to make molds for a cowling.   If you are interested in these parts we are looking for at least three customers at this time to commit to purchasing cowling to allow us to move ahead with this product.   We will be providing a 701 page shortly to show you some of these products .

 Call us if you are interested. 

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