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Points/Electronic DISTRIBUTOR 
The distributor is rebuilt with dual bushings or ball bearing, polished shaft, recurved advance, Points/Electronic Points plate, new rotor and cap and tested on a distributor machine.  Comes with installation instructions and service information. (Dual points also available)(core needed)

      The Corvair distributor is a key component in making the Spyder Corvair Conversion function as an aircraft engine.   In the car it utilizes a vacuum and centrifugal advance system to advance the spark appropriately for the type of engine/transmittion combination that you have.  Because of the nature of an aircraft engine we only utilize the centrifugal advance portion.  The corvair distributor also utilizes contacts or points to initiate the spark from the high tension coil.  In our conversions we can either use dual points or a Points/Electronic setup.  How do we convert a distributor...?

    We begin by dissassembling the core distributor as it is sent to us.  We clean all usable parts which are.. The housing, the shaft, the counterweights, the cam, and the gear.   We remove the bushing out of the housing to clean, sandblast and machine as necessary.   The Ball bearing version of the housing gets machined for the bearing and a lower bushing.  The Dual Bushing housing will be machined for two bushings.  

     Once all the parts are ready we assemble them and prepare them for tuning the advance one of our Sun Distributor machines.  We keep two of these on hand for our work.  One at the machine shop and one at the airport facility.  Here we can adjust the total advance and the curve so the advance starts and ends within the appropriate rpm range.  The goal is to have a stable idle and smooth advance to full throttle.  Normally the advance starts above 1000 rpm and is at full advance by 2500 rpm. 


     Once the Curve is set we can install the points plate and set the timing on the points/electronics.   Using the machine we can set the points and electronics where they are identical or offset - depending on the desired timing.   As an example : We can set the points slightly retarded from the electronics to act more as a "limp home" mode as well as allowing the points to work better with Auto Fuel.   Once in stable cruise configuration you can switch to the Electronics which are more advanced.   This kind of adjustments allow for customer preferences. 

                         Some of the Distributors in process - Ready for final tests.

     Once the Distributors have been tested and run in the Distributor Machine, they are ready for packaging.  We install a new Cap and Rotor on the distributor as well as provide a new gasket.   An Installation instruction manual is provided to help you understand the operating procedures, troubleshooting and maintenance of the Distibutor.   We recommend that all distributors be sent in at 500 Hours for Overhaul replacements.

     Also included in the instructions are wiring diagrams that will aid you in installing the distributor, coils, and switches.   Our rear alternator kit can be wired in such a way that it can bypass the airframe electrical system and run similar to a magneto system.  

      Please contact us about how we can help you with your distributor needs.    A core is required for a distributor or we will add a charge to the purchase price.  We can purchase any extra cores you may have.

  Final Product

We also carry standard engine parts such as cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, gasket kits, seals, and more.   We also purchase cores and engines on a limited basis.