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100 HP IFB   or 120 HP IFB
$10,500     /      $12,900

The 100 HP IFB engine that is currently available is the 100 Horsepower 170 cu. in. engine.  It begins as a 1965-1969 Corvair 164 110 HP engine that is stripped down and modified to become an airworthy experimental aviation engine. The 120 HP Version is made of the same case but has other upgrades listed below.  

The case is cleaned and checked for clearances.  We install the IFB (Integral Front Bearing) housing and align it to the case. The crankshaft has the front steel hub and new gear installed, reground and nitrided for durability.  It is reassembled with new bearings, camshaft, seals, forged pistons, reconditioned cylinders, reconditioned heads, rebuilt valve train, new 30 amp integrated rear alternator, starter, ring gear and much more. 

The 120 HP IFB version of our Spyder engine will look very much the same as our 100 HP version.   Most differences are internal.  Instead of a reground original GM crankshaft it comes with a brand new counterweighted crankshaft with a 1/4" stroke.  The cylinders are brand new .060 full finned cylinders with custom forged pistons and rods.  The extra stroke and displacement cylinders bring the engine to 3.1L in size.  We dont have to machine the heads or case for larger cylinders and therefore keep case strength where we need it.  A 100 HP engine could be swapped out for the 120 with very little effort.  We do include a large carburetor in our FWF kits for the 120 engine.

Once assembled the engine is installed on our custom made dynamometer to test run and monitor running parameters such as oil pressure, temperatures, rpms, and torque.  These logs are kept on file for every engine we run.  We check the oil for unusual contaminants after the test run.
They are beautiful engines and make for a clean installation into your airplane.   The smoothness of the six cylinders and the safety that provides boosts your confidence as you fly.  The low cost and ease of maintenance allow for a big savings throughout the life of the engine.   All engines come with Maintenance and Service Manuals.


Our Standard 100HP or 120HP IFB SPYDER engine as it gets shipped to you.
Nitrided Crankshaft with Integral Front Bearing System (IFB)
OT10 Camshaft, 30 amp Rear Alternator and starter
Points/electronic Ignition system, Forged Pistons, Deep Oil Pan and much more..

See the engine being test run on our dynamometer...

This is the fourth run of this engine (2  hrs. break in) - once it is started I begin downloading engine data onto a laptop and then run the engine up to static RPM (@3000) to check for temperatures and torque.

A walk around of another engine during test the sound!


Engine Running in a Sonex Installation

Flying in my KR2S 

Return Policy on Products

As a small business let us caution you that you are purchasing an EXPERIMENTAL engine and/or parts and as such it does not carry liability or warranty as may be typical.  We do guarantee our labor and parts other than normal wear for a year.  Premature wear or damage can occur if non-standard installations or carelessness happens during the installation and break-in.  As such the purchaser assumes all liability for the installation and use of the engine.  If there are any perceived or indications of problems, please contact us right away so we can help you.